Main Operation

Distribution and Supplies to Govt. and MOH Hospitals specialize in Cancer Hospitals and supply Major Products to famous Hospitals. 30 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products.


Our Interests

We are very much interested in building our range of cytotoxic , pain management and liver disease related products as our Hospitals are always in need of such products and appreciate products with added value.


Healthline Pharmaceuticals

The company played an important role in acquiring specialty pharmaceutical products by needy patients for the immediate treatment of serious and emergency treatment of cancer or any other diseases.


About Us

Introducing Innovative
Pharma Products

We are a company looking for advancement in the medical treatments, pharmaceutical products having added value, offering advanced treatment features, economy and safety. In the quest of our vision we have always been looking for our market needs and found the best solution not introduced in our market. We have been very close to our market needs and were very successful in offering lifesaving solutions with the state of the art pharma products and medical device used today for saving lives.
We are aiming for the transfer of technology that in not only innovative but also very useful in providing economical medical solutions. We have been credited by clinicians for being the first in offer solutions for serious diseases and existing problems where much concern was not shown although being very critical life threatening issues resulting into higher mortality rate.
We are proud of our unique product portfolio and our partners abroad giving us the prestigious products ensuring the trust and confidence in calling us foe a real good solutions. We offer unique service for patients need basis and provide any unavailable product to needy patients of any class or disease.
Healthline has large No. of leading manufacturers waiting in the line for introduction in Pakistan, the company is involved in manufacturing hair care products at its research Centre in Switzerland and the products for the prevention of loss of hair and new growth of hair in men and women. One of the most important aspect of beauty is linked with proper nutrition therefore a complete beauty care package is linked with important oral nutrition that helps to work together with the skin care products, one of the most leading manufacturer of such products VRP products USA is on our portfolio.

Company Profile