Main Operation

Distribution and Supplies to Govt. and MOH Hospitals specialize in Cancer Hospitals and supply Major Products to famous Hospitals. 30 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products.


Our Interests

We are very much interested in building our range of cytotoxic , pain management and liver disease related products as our Hospitals are always in need of such products and appreciate products with added value.


Healthline Pharmaceuticals

The company played an important role in acquiring specialty pharmaceutical products by needy patients for the immediate treatment of serious and emergency treatment of cancer or any other diseases.


About Us

Introducing Innovative
Pharma Products

Healthline Pharmaceuticals after 30 years of experience is discovering new research products which are needed by the end users. In this process of search many new brands have been selected and introduced in the last few years. These products are now brand leaders in their therapeutic group.

The company played an important role in acquiring specialty Pharmaceuticals products and medical devices for the immediate treatment of life threatening serious bleeding in the battle field or any emergency accidental conditions where stopping of bleeding saves the life of any victim. Organ transplant surgery was made possible by supply of the research product from Originator Company manufacturing organ preservative solution in USA.

The products selected for different anomalies are unique and extremely wanted by specialists treating emergency clinical conditions in many patients which takes us to conditions like pleurodesis and other breathing problems where the pulmonologists may need special stents to restore normal breathing process. Infection control is a very important area of infection prevention starting from the cross contamination to serious air born microorganisms transportation to hospitalized patients or those passing through the hospital environment for their day to day treatment.

This area of serious concern responsible for many unnoticed higher mortality rate it has always been of serious concern and we have driven the latest vision of A to Z system of infection control products in the market and also contributing into the transfer of knowledge for the prevention of nosocomial infections. The introduction of products and medical devices in the market is helping in building the strong image of treatment which is infection free. Shifting from common practice of changing a number of dressings in a day has been made possible by introducing Silicon foam and Silver anti-infective dressings has brought not only prevention of infections but also the comfort for patients and paramedics in their routine patient care.

For skin and hair treatment new ways to manage health and beauty, the company has launched state of the art range of cosmetic products manufactured in Switzerland. Many products are in pipeline to facilitate the normal wellbeing by natural organic products. Painful prick for glucose test is disliked by diabetic patients, we are on way to introduce a pain free glucose test device very soon.

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