Our Certificates

Healthline Pharmaceuticals Private Limited was born with pharmaceuticals sales, marketing experience of 20 years and introduction of many brand leaders was the basic strength to give the company a vision for establishing a Pharma company with great ambition to be master of brand leaders. The selection of a unique portfolio of products was main specialty that gave Healthline a very prestigious image in the market with a very special marketing respect unlike existing marketing trends.

Federal Board OF Revenue Pakistan
Registration No. 1290097

Drug Regulatory Authority Of Pakistan
License No. 05-352-0065-035012P

The Lahore Chamber Of Commerce And Industry
Membership 37454-C

Securities And Exchange Commission of Pakistan
License No. L-09750 Of 1998 / 99

Certificate Of Incorporation Pakistan
Registration L-09750

Import Regsitration Certificate Pakistan
Registration 013026

Licence To Import Medical Devices Pakistan
Licence No. ELI-00107