Our Interest

The introduction of new innovative products is our main aim and most of our products selection is based on this. We are looking for selected products where market needs can be fulfilled with added value.

  • One of the main line is treatment of Inborn errors of metabolism
  • The treatment of Opioid detoxification with Naltrexone implants.
  • Bone transplants helping patients with bone problems
  • Nutritional products for cancer patients
  • Cancer treatment products like Natulan caps originator brands.
  • Pain management in heart disease fentanyl patches
  • Diabetic foot care products
  • Advance wound care products for high end hospitals
  • Building an oncology products portfolio for high end customers where advanced products have not entered the market.
  • Building full range of organ transplant products (we have acquired products for hepatotoxicity treatment, hemostatic for donor's organ, immune suppressants etc.).

We are very much interested in building our range of cytotoxic, pain management and liver disease related products as our Hospitals are always in need of such products and appreciate products with added value. We are in close contact with the hospitals for treatment of infectious diseases which is an area that needs awareness for the prevention of infections in hospitalized patients. Incidence of very serious nosocomial infections is very high and many deaths are taking place in hospitalized patients due to cross contamination that is seriously out of control. Many hospitals units are transferring to many non-infected cases with very deadly resistant pathogens these hospitals can be labelled as pandemic community.

We are therefore very much interested in fulfilling the market need of topical infection treatment and prevention by introducing the selected products which could fill the gap that is awaiting for good products introduction. The example is our forthcoming contract with wound care, burn care and diabetic foot care products. We have special approval for supplies of controlled products from MOH for Hospital orders.