Methode Cholley

METHODE CHOLLEY Suisse Cosmetics
METHODE CHOLLEY is the perfect synergy between Modern scientific research and ancient traditions of beauty based on field of Phytobiocosmetics. Since 1989 METHODE CHOLLEY Products are successfully sold in worldwide markets delivering superior and unsurpassed results.
METHODE CHOLLEY Products are manufactured exclusively in own proprietary Laboratories in Locarno using the finest, best and safest active ingredients derived from plants with an uncompromising commitment to Quality and Swiss excellence. Using a balanced system of professional and home use treatments, METHODE CHOLLEY is the synthesis of modern Swiss technology skin care science and time tested traditions drawing on restoring and rejuvenating of selected plants and natural extracts.
CHOLLEY® Anti-Aging and Whitening face treatments set new standards for efficacy and results. They impart a fresh, vigorous, and younger look to your skin that no one fails to notice. The three main functions of this program are that it reduces lines and wrinkles, prevents and diminishes age spots, and gives brightness and firmness to the skin.