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Healthline Pharmaceutical Established in 1990 at Lahore – Pakistan by its director Aman Ullah sheikh in 1990 and with his extensive experience with multinational companies like SKF, Pfizer and Hoffman La Roche as a marketing and training executive he decided to establish his own business in Pharmaceutical industry and started his company in 1990 in Lahore Pakistan as Healthline Pharmaceuticals which became a private limited company in collaboration with his partners and family directors.

Healthline Pharmaceuticals Private Limited was born with pharmaceuticals sales, marketing experience of 20 years and introduction of many brand leaders was the basic strength to give the company a vision for establishing a Pharma company with great ambition to be master of brand leaders. The selection of a unique portfolio of products was main specialty that gave Healthline a very prestigious image in the market with a very special marketing respect unlike existing marketing trends. See Product Range